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Silai Centreson Demand

Among the numerous homemakers in Indian villages, are many women who want to engage in a productive activity. Many women and girls in the Badaun district asked for a centre that would teach stitching. They were keen to acquire a skill that would help them to save on the cost of stitching

their own clothes plus keeping engaged. Many of them wanted to become self sufficient financially. A skill like this would help them to earn money by stitching clothes and earn a living.

  • Space for the centre is provided by the village Pradhan or any village volunteer
  • Furniture, sewing machines and trainers are provided by Angelique Foundation
  • A trainer from the same or a nearby village with diploma in stitching is hired to teach the course.
  • The course runs for about 6-months duration with a daily class of 2 hours.
  • A nominal fee of Rs. 50 per month is charged from the beneficiaries.
  • This fee keeps the women committed to completing the course.
  • The money is used to replace consumables like needles and thread.
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