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Delhi Cantonment Schools

To facilitate Delhi Cantonment Schools by making the existing vacant room into a new functional Library with meaningful books and educational games, installing new furniture, carpet etc. for the benefit of students of the schools.

Number of Pustakalayas: 7

Delhi Public Libraries

Under Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM) initiatives, Angelique Foundation, NASSCOM and IPLM, join hands to create special space for children in Delhi Public Libraries in Delhi enabling the libraries to serve as catalyst of change for children to prepare them for better future.

The objective of the trio is to strengthen the DPL’s as model libraries with due focus on children by creating spaces/corners for children in these libraries, and introduce variety of engagement activities.

The scope of Angelique Foundation is to set up a functional library with meaningful books that are relevant for the age group and literacy level of the school students using the Delhi Public Library and providing furniture, carpet/tiles, posters, basic education activity material required for the said library.

Number of Pustakalayas: 2

MCD Schools

Number of Pustakalayas: 2

Going further under its CSR Initiative – Angelique Pustakalaya , Angelique Foundation has provided pustakalaya’s at two MCD schools at Nigam Pratibha School-Tigri and Nigam Pratibha School Kalkaji. The donation included infrastructure like Carpet, low tables, Magazine Racks , Kids chairs and table and books.

New Delhi Municipal Council

Number of Pustakalayas: 17

Angelique pustakalaya provides functional libraries in schools with books that are relevant for the age group and literacy levels of the children that they are meant for. The main goal of the Foundation is to provide a warm and welcoming environment where children can discover the world of information and trigger their imagination while at the same time improving their communication skills. It does this by:

  • Providing specially curated books to suit the children’s literacy needs
  • Ensuring a happy reading environment with new furniture and books.

Going further in this way Angelique Foundation has set up Pustakalaya’s at17 Primary Schools of NDMC / aided by NDMC and 2 Public Libraries at NDMC area of Delhi.

46 Angelique Pustakalaya set up at 5 Government Organizations

Name of Organization Number of Pustakalayas
Delhi Cantonment 7
NDMC Phase 1 10
NDMC Phase 2 7
Kasturba Gandhi 18

Kasturba Gandhi Awasiya Vidyalya

Number of Pustakalayas: 17

Angelique Foundation has provided Libraries at 18 Kasturba Gandhi Awasiya Vidhyalaa of Badaun District. These are boarding schools for girls of 6th to 8th class. The maximum strength of one Kasturba Gandhi Awasiya Vidhyalay is 100 girls. These schools come under Serve Shiksha Abhiyaan. The lists of schools are as follows:

  1. KGB School Ambiyapur
  2. KGB School Dehagva
  3. KGB School Islamnagar
  4. KGB School Usawa
  5. KGB School Ujhani Nagar Kshetra
  6. KGB School Dataganj
  7. KGB School Aasafpur
  8. KGB School Sahaswan City
  9. KGB School Salarpur
  10. KGB School Kadarchowk
  11. KGB School Samrer
  12. KGB School Jagat
  13. KGB School Bisauli
  14. KGB School Sahaswan Village
  15. KGB School Vajirganj
  16. KGB School Myaun
  17. KGB School shekhupur


Angelique Foundation has provided libraries to many NGO’s Like one at HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN FOUNDATION (HOPE PROJECT) at Nizamuddin, 130 learning centers of IIMPACT , 20 Centers of St. Jude all over India , 3 centers of Deepalaya, one at Swapn Foundation , Delhi.

Badhwar Girls inter College

Angelique Foundation has started the project Angelique Pustakalaya with Badhwar Girls Inter College, Ujhani , Dist : Badaun. This is a girl’s senior secondary school at Ujhani where around 600 girls are studying. They approached Angelique and requested a library for their school. A well-equipped library with around 800 books and furniture has been donated at the school. After Badhwar Angelique has installed libraries at many of the village schools like, Rajrani Shishu Mandir, Rambeni Inter College, Vimla Hari Inter College, SkSKA Saraswati Vidhya Mandir, Mothersheel Academy.

Sr. Citizen Center

Angelique Foundation has setup Libraries at Sr. Citizen Centers at 5 locations. These are Lajpat Nagar 1, South Extension 1, Amar Colony and Green Park and Moti Nagar. Around 500 books have been provided. These books are mixture of Mythology, life philosophies, biographies, novels and Comics. Sr. Citizens love to read the books in their free time.These Sr. Citizen centers are managed by Delhi Govt.


We have got a request from one of the Sanskrit School at Gautam Nagar. This is a residential school and students are being given the knowledge of vedas and Sanskrit. Angelique has provided Pustakalaya with Sanskrit books, Vedas and Puranas at this Library along with the furniture’s.