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Rekha Rayka, (XIIB)

Solar power is an alternate source of electricity. It comes from the energy of the sun and gets stored in solar panels, t h ro u g h w h i c h w e c a n o p e r a t e computers, sun fans, lights, and tube wells. The solar panels in our school are a boon for us. We do not have a shortage and now the electricity is always available in our school because of solar panel. We can not only use the computers at any time, but also the machinery in our labs.

Nisha Chaudhary, (XIC)

Solar power has changed our school life. We use it to run the computers in our computer lab. We use it in the chemistry lab for doing experiments, in the sewing room to sew our uniforms. We also use it to operate the fans in our school. It is a great support for us. Without solar panels, we would have no power in the summer. The sweating in the heat disturbed us while studying and we could not concentrate in class.

Preety Madhur

Our college is very progressive. We have many facilities in our college, but the solar panels from Angelique are the most important. Through the solar panels, we get electricity to run the fans in our classrooms. This is very beneficial to the students because we can now study without any problems. Most times, there is no power and we used to suffer because we could not concentrate on what the teachers were teaching us. Another thing we are able to do is charge our solar lanterns so that we can study at home at night.