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In a nation where villages are stagnating because they do not have even the basics in place for development, building the rural infrastructure takes on special importance. Angelique Foundation identified two major areas for development - rural electrification and hygiene standards.

Many parts of our country are plunged into complete darkness after sunset, completely cut off from even the basic developments made possible by the electronic world. Even in areas that have access to electricity, power outages are frequent and of long durations.

During the summer months, school children suffer through the day in crowded classrooms. They are too busy fanning themselves to keep cool on a sweltering day to pay any attention to what is being taught in class. Basic modern facilities like computers are unheard of in such conditions.

Thus, Angelique Shakti was started with the aim of harnessing solar energy to empower schools, institutes and organizations with electricity. Angelique Foundation sponsors 50% of the cost of the total project, while the other 50% is borne by the beneficiary school or organization.

Continuous power supply has made a real difference at HGIC and other schools. Fans and lights run smoothly, and computer classes run throughout the school hours. These and many more conveniences have been enabled by the solar power plant. Happy and comfortable students now participate actively in learning without any distractions.

  • 17 KW solar power plant continuous power supply
  • Upto 68 computers can run throughout